fineartness interview

with Nick Fabian


question 1

What is fine art photography for you?

Fine Art Photography for me is a possibility to express myself as an artist. Every artist has a certain version of aesthetics. I personally love to work with strong contrasts, minimalism and lines.


question 2

When Did You Started And Why?

I started with conscious photography about two years ago. Why is a good question. I think every artist has the inner need to express himself. And I love to express myself through photography.


question 3

Can you tell us the photographers that inspired you the most?

If I can name just one, it’s probably Fan Ho. But there are several. Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas, Vivian Maier and many more. They are all legends and guides to my art, as I love it. 


question 4

What Are Your Actual Projects?

I actually have many projects this year. I am planning my first own magazine, which I would like to sell in small quantities. I plan to be part of one or more exhibitions and I have discovered digital art for myself.


question 5

Tell Us More About Your Digital Art Project.

Since a few months I have a tablet and thus discovered a new talent of mine. I never thought that I could paint, but this digital form gives me a lot of fun and I already get requests and a lot of encouragement. In digital art I love the theme of abstraction, playing with colors and shapes – so it has a lot of influence from my photography.


nick fabian


Fine Art Street Photographer based in Germany.