fineartness interview by adria nabekle

with Tadeu Vilani


question 1

What is photography for you?

For me photography is light, I’m looking for my inner light. I look for light as soon as I open my eyes and continually throughout my journey. The process of being a photographer is my research of light. Poetry is the exchange of energy that keeps me alive.


question 2

What made you become a documentarist?

My uncle was a cinema projectionist in my hometown in the 70’s and 80’s, and this made a big impact on my childhood. The director John Ford with his sequences, horizons and his gaze, lost in infinity. The neorealist Italian cinema with Vittorio de Sica defined my taste for black and white. Sebastiao Salgado was also very important for my background. Furthermore I spent my childhood in the Brazilian countryside between wheat fields. This is what I am, I could say that I’m the director of my roots.


question 3

Would you still have become a documentarist in another country?

Being a documentarist is my journey towards the depths of myself, you have to find a connection with the outdoors, so photography is an extension of my thoughts, it is an expressession of who I am. So I think I would be a documentarist anywhere and wherever I was I would tell the story of my journey.


question 4

The Pampas are treasured in your images…

Being Brazilian, I have an admiration for the Gauchos who travel long distances, face solitary spaces and the moods of nature. And as well as that their rhythm, their accent and their way of dressing. Pampa is part of my adulthood. It is my discovery, the light which crosses those fields fills me with a sense of magic.


question 5

You’re tecnically perfect, do you think you have an absolute eye?

I love to think of myself as a photographer who is always searching for a more intense look, a deeper look at the environment in which I live.




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